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9 good reasons to get a free Collector- or Premium Account at Egoshare.com.

Questions and Answers

General and members' questions

9 good reasons to get a free Collector- or Premium Account at Egoshare.com.

1) Usability & Uploadcontrol

Egoshare provides a very user friendly webinterface. It is your Chance to register a free Collector-Account. To get all features (downloading without limits, uploads without expiring dates) get your Premium Account now!

Just Take a look at the control center, which is available for every registered user.

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2) Optimized for the most common browsers

We try to satisfy all our users and customers, and so we have optimized EgoShare for the most common browsers:

- Internet Explorer 6
- Internet Explorer 7
- Firefox 1.6
- Firefox 2
- Safari

We recommend to use and support the freely available open source browser Firefox.
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3) Flash-free, no additional plugins necessary

We take care that no additional plugins (like Flash, etc.) are necessary in order to use EgoShare.
The only two things your browser should support are JavaScript and Cookies (for login and language system).
Fortunately these 2 things are part of the standard configurations of the most common browsers.
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4) Free Collector accounts

We offer you the possibility to freely use the Premium user's control center if you sign up for a free Collector account.
So compared to guests you will have a higher download speed, be able to comfortably manage your uploads, take part in bonus programs, collect points for your downloads or get free Premium upgrades. This is all for free, even if people say that one never gets anything for free.)
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5) Our own uploadtool

For users who like to just open a tool on their PC to upload files, we offer our upload tool. Once it is installed, you just need to start it and paste the files in the window and click "upload" to upload them to EgoShare. You even won't need to visit the EgoShare page for receiving the download links, you will get them from the tool.
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6) Many advantages for Premium users

The biggest advantage for Premium users is that as a Premium user you can download faster without any period of waiting. There will be no layer ads and no limits per hour. Also, multiple downloads (up to 15) are possible.
Last but not least your downloads can be resumed if you stop them and all your uploads won't be deleted as long as you are a Premium user, even if nobody downloads them.
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7) Bonus & affiliate programs

EgoShare offers more than one bonus & affiliate programs, the main affiliate proram (no EgoShare accout required), a Bin-Layer-Special for including your own Layers in the downloadpage of your uploads, and a bonus program in cooperation with the points system: You can easily earn points and upgrade your account for free.

EgoShare offers more than one bonus & affiliate programs:

A mainprogram (no registration needed) and a bonussystem which includes the registration and earning of points on affiliate -sites.
The 3rd versions is a specials point-system. As a registered user (Collector as well as Premium) you will earn Premium-Points, everytime a user downloads one of your files.
After reaching an amount of points you can upgrade for free your premium account or get money for your points.
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8) The download-size is counted

Very often other recovery- and backup-services tend to count the whole filesize of every file you load, even if you stop loading after 2MB of 100MB -> they will count it as 100MB and this, as a freeuser for example, is very bad for your limit per hour.
At EgoShare this is different, we only count the size you really load, so if you stop loading at 2MB, we will count it as 2MB even if the file itself has a size of 300MB.
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9) Speed up your with the exclusive Egoshare Remote-Uploader-Tool

From now on all Collector- and of cause Premium-Users can use our exclusive Remote-Uploader-Tool. With it you can simply upload up the 50 links with full speed from any ftp and http source with one single click. Just give it a try!
The function is available at the controlcenter and of cause in the upload-section. You have to be registered and logged in the see and use this feature.
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Questions and Answers

Which filetypes are allowed and how long will my uploads stay on EgoShare's servers?

All kind of files are usable (except PHP files for security reasons). Compressed PHP-Files will work fine, which anyway may be the right way for all your files.
Uploads and data from Premium-Users will never be deleted. As a Premium-Account is expired it will be automatically downgraded to a Collector-Account. From this moment all limitations for your stored files will be the same as in the collector-package.
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How much am I allowed to load per hour?

There are no limitations for Premium-Users.
All others get a 300MB ticket each hour. You can download these amount of data in every way you want. It is possible to download only one 300MB file or 30 10MB files.
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General and members' questions

I am a Premium user. How can I stop and continue my downloads?

To use this feature you'll have to use one of the following download-managers (other may work as well).:

- Reget (Link) [EN]
- FDM (Link) [DE]
- FlashGet (Link) [DE]
- GetRight (Link) [DE]
- DAP (Link) [DE]

Simply copy the link from the download-page to your manager. You can start and stop the download everytime you want.
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What happens to my uploads, when my Premium account expires?

If a Premium-Account expires the package will only be downgraded to a free version (Collector-Account). All your files and data will stay but is now limited to the storinglimitation of the Collector-Package.
It is your choice to upgrade back to premium on day (by using premium-points or a normal payment) and use all great features again.
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Points system? Earn money with your Uploads! 1,- Euro for 1000 Downloads!

As a registered member (Collector or Premium) you have the possibility to earn points for your uploads.
Everytime a free user (who has spent fewer than 6 points in the last hour) loads one of your uploads, you will get a point, you can also get points from Premium users, but a Premium user can only spend 2 points/hour.

Extention of 2008-12-20:

As our publicity is getting bigger each day and users from all over the world are using our service we have to do a rework to our points system to extract the useable advertising zones. Additional a few people try to cheat us by creating fake-downloads to earn points.

Until this work (except V.I.P. - use the contact form for more information) is done every uploader gets 1 Euro for 1000 userdownloads and downloads with a filesize greater than 10MB will be counted. The payout will take up to 5 weeks. After finishing our mission it will be possible to differ between downloads from diffrent IP-zones. Please be understanding.
After collecting an amount of points you can upgrade for free, extend you premium account or get a payout.
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