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The user-friendly freeware EgoShare-Uploader Version 1.00.0000 is now available for download. This software provides a lot of features and will enhance the uploading method with a huge economy of time. Furthermore it is possible, that everyone can personalize all options. Therefore the EgoShare-Uploader Version 1.00.0000 is adapted for everyone, who uploads files many a time, steadily want to held the overview of the uploads or simply due to saving of time. Using it means to benefit from all advantages, which will improve your upload handling.

Download EgoShare-Uploader Version 1.00.0000 (1600 Kb)
Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista

Frequently asked Questions:

›› Is the EgoShare-Uploader Version 1.00.0000 for free,
branded with advertisements or similiar?

EgoShare-Uploader Version 1.00.0000 is an official software from EgoShare.com! This program is a freeware and completely without advertisements and other hidden adsoftwares or similiar undesired softwareadjuncts.

›› How can i save my Uploaded Tool preferences?
he preferences are located at the installation folder from the EgoShare-Uploader. Moreover every user can define the installation folder.
The standard installationpath is: C:PrograsEgoShare.com-Uploader

›› How can i get informed about new updates?
If there is a new version of the EgoShare-Uploader, then you'll get informed automatically on startup.

›› How can i contact EgoShare?
If you have any questions, suggestions, improvement suggestions or any further remarks, then you can send an email to: info@egoshare.com


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